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Soy Candle Mango (Excotic Morning)

Soy Candle Mango (Excotic Morning)

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Mango soy candles (Excotic Morning)

The Mango soy candle is a scented journey to paradise islands. Top notes such as passion fruit, orange and mango, combined together, create an extraordinary combination that will surely charm everyone who enters your beauty salon. The heart of the fragrance consists of mango and passion fruit and adds aromatic depth and an exotic atmosphere. The base notes are a combination of delicate aromas of coconut, vanilla and milk, which complement the whole and leave notes of sweetness in the air. The Mango soy candle is not only a great addition, but also a practical and efficient addition to the interior of your living room. Its capacity is 180 ml and the burning time is about 55 hours, so the scent lasts for a long time. Rest, relax and unwind in the atmosphere of a tropical paradise thanks to the high-quality Mango soy candle.

Fragrance Notes: 
  • Top notes: Passion fruit – Orange – Mango
  • Heart notes: Mango – Passion fruit
  • Base notes: Coconut – Vanilla – Milky

Capacity : 180 ml

Burning time : approx. 55 hours

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