My name is Klaudia Romanowska and I have been an entrepreneur for 9 years.
My activities have always been related to the beauty industry.

I am the owner of the SPApower Cosmetics cosmetics brand and I run the SPApower Academy, which helps masseurs and people from the industry develop their salons and get jobs in SPAs abroad. My international experience working in luxury spas and traveling have allowed me to create a personal brand, and my story is inspiring to others. Additionally, I am creating the SPApower Cosmetics product brand, offering a wide selection of self-care products.

I love traveling, sports and meditation.

Read an interview with me about the creation of my brand!

Read The Interview With Me!

My beginnings in the SPA industry...

In 2015,  I graduated from massage school and completed many courses, expanding my knowledge of this field. A year later, in 2016, I started working part-time at a luxurious DAY SPA in my hometown, Olsztyn. 

Not only did I continue my studies on various courses, but I also worked occasionally in SPA hotels whenever possible.

In 2016,  I fulfilled my dream and bought my first massage table. It was a unique moment that confirmed my belief that the world of SPA and massage is my true calling and passion.

In 2017, I started my first permanent job in a renowned, beautiful 4-star hotel in the castle in Giżycko. At the same time, I am realizing my dream by studying Cosmetology & Medi SPA at the Olsztyn University of Applied Sciences. This is a field that has always fascinated me, so I was extremely happy when I got into this study. Moreover, I am starting to gain my first group of clients in my hometown in Olsztyn. Each person sees in me great passion and determination in pursuing my goal - opening my own, modest office. It was everything I dreamed of at that moment... Below I am attaching one of my first photos on Instagram - it's 22-year-old me, starting my SPA career! I invite you to follow my Instagram! My nickname is – @klaudia.spapower

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International development - how did it start?

In 2018, my life underwent huge changes. I decided to move from Masuria to Gdańsk to look for better development opportunities in the SPA industry. I am active in social media to reach customers in Tricity. Thanks to my active activity and recognition in Social Media, I suddenly receive an unexpected job offer as a SPA therapist on a ship with a Scandinavian airline. Even though I know I have to drop out of college to take this job, I believe it's worth it. The desire to travel prevailed and thus I began a 2-year adventure of working in a SPA on a cruise ship.

In 2019,I worked with great commitment.I conquered the Tricity market and my calendar was full to the brim.At the same time, I worked as a masseuse on a ship and ran my own massage parlor in Gdańsk, slowly creating my own brand SPApower.I spent 7 days on the ship - and then another 7 days on land, which allowed me to perfectly adjust my schedule for clients.Working on a ship also gave me valuable international experience, as I communicated in English with people of different nationalities.This experience turned out to be very valuable in the future and in the near future...

The pandemic changed everything...

In 2020 , during the pandemic, I went through a difficult period, suffering from a nervous breakdown and depression. I was forced to close my dream office, and work on the ship was also suspended due to the pandemic. In one moment I lost everything I had worked hard for. I was completely devastated and didn't know what to do next... I was so sad I just wanted to get away from it all, so I started looking for a job abroad. Another goal - to find a job abroad - in the middle of a pandemic... People told me I was crazy, that it wouldn't work... but I was stubborn and decided to achieve my goal...

In July 2020, I finally managed to leave Poland for the Netherlands, where I found employment at a physiotherapy and Chinese medicine center in Rotterdam. It was an amazing experience - I participated in a 5-week Chinese massage course and many other various courses. Massage exchanges with people from all over the world. Various conversations about working in a SPA, spirituality, working with emotions... Experience in an international environment and cooperation with people from various European countries, China, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Canada was not only developing in terms of massage skills, but also spiritually. This experience had an incredible impact on my personal development. Soon, the first projects related to my soy candles appeared. Despite the uncertainty of recent times, I hesitated, but I felt that this was the next step in my development...

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Working abroad and the beginning of my brand

In 2021, during the second lockdown, I finished my job in the Netherlands andmoved to Brussels, Belgium.Unfortunately, I couldn't find a job in the SPA industry for several months due to lockdown restrictions.Knowledge of the language was also a barrier, because the official language in Belgium is French, so I started learning the language online.Despite sending many applications and sending out CVs, I came home empty-handed - "Your experience is impressive, but we will call you after the lockdown" - I heard.This condition lasted for almost 6 months... After a long wait, I received a call - I was offered a job in a 5-star hotel with SPA thermal baths, one of the best in the northern part of Belgium, on great conditions!I served clients in two foreign languages ​​- English and French.In the meantime, I opened my online store and started producing my candles and soy waxes.I worked 10-12 hours at the SPA,and after returning home, until late at night, I was involved in the development of the store and promoting the brand on social media.I invested everything in it, putting all my heart, time and every money I earned, even though the last two years were full of difficulties.I strongly believed in the success of my project, focusing on high quality products and customer service.At that time, SPApower Academy was also established, where I offered consultations for masseurs. I also wrote my first and best-selling e-book "59 ideas for posts about massage" - which turned out to be a real hit. My company is slowly growing, investments in brand development are slowly paying off and everything is heading in the right direction.

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In 2022, I made the brave decisionto leave a good full-time job in Belgium to focus solely on my SPApower brand.I moved independently from rainy Belgium to sunny Cyprus, where I continued working remotely on my brand.During this time,I created as many as 10 e-books for masseurs, regarding social media, building a personal brand, as well as guides for young masseurs, ideas and strategies for acquiring clients.For the first time I realized that I could travel the world thanks to my own brand.My brand was bringing me more and more income, and my story became an inspiration for my community.Loyal customers kept coming back to my store, asking for more products.I set off on a journey around Europe, looking for new inspirations and answers to what I want to create next in my brand.I flew to Poland for a business trip, visiting my clients and contractors.Then I spent a month in Norway, where I had a mental rest with friends.It wasn't a moment of breakdown, but rather a time of reflection on what to do next.I then visited my parents in Berlin, whereIattended my first international trade fair for e-commerce and online sales in Berlin (photo next). I am staying in Germany for some time, sharing my success with my family and enjoying the time spent together.Peace – finally.That's when I truly realized that after going through the hard times, the good times finally come...right?It's time to move on, so in June 2023 I'm packing my bags and flying back to Cyprus, where I'm starting a completely new stage...

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Now in 2023... what have I managed to create?

This year, i.e. in 2023, I decided to develop my own online course for masseurs.  This course is intended to help them promote their offices and acquire more clients.I put a lot of my knowledge and experience into it, which allowed me to create my own brand.I am extremely happy that the course turned out to be a real bestseller, enjoying great interest among Polish masseurs from all over Europe! 

Another important step was starting a completely new project of my SPApower Academy. I also started international cooperation with renowned SPA hotels. Our cooperation began in Cyprus and Greece, but we are constantly developing it in other European Union countries. Our goal is to help masseurs gain valuable experience abroad, which will allow them to develop their skills and broaden their horizons. 

I know perfectly well how difficult it is to build an international career in the SPA and beauty industry, so I decided to share my experience and help others achieve success!I think this is my personal mission and life's calling. ThroughSPApower Academy, I strive to bring a better future for all masseurs, SPA therapists, physiotherapists and other professionals in the SPA industry.I open doors for others that I once had to go through myself...

I can't wait to see what else this year has in store for me. I am full of energy and ready for new challenges that will allow me to further develop my brand and help other masseurs achieve success.

Thank you for reading my story! I hope it gave you POWER to continue working in the beautiful business of SPA! 

“SPA life”

Klaudia Romanowska 


SPApower Cosmetics - premium brand

The idea of ​​creating my own product brand has always been in my mind.From the moment I became interested in the SPA world, I dreamed of creating my own products under my own brand.I always wanted to be a brand owner rather than a masseuse, but I knew that for this role I needed unique experience and knowledge of how to create my own brand.I have been preparing for 8 years, gaining international experience working in the best SPA centers in Europe, creating my own salon, and also working on a cruise ship.Thanks to this, I learned the preferences not only of SPA centers but also of their clients.This is how I have gained inspiration over the years to create my own product brand.I always tried to learn a lot about the products we worked with in the salons.They were really high quality,especially abroad.We worked at the SPA with many French and American cosmetic brands that are not that well-known, but their quality was surprising.It made me realize that I was capable of creating my own products.I knew that to create my own brand I needed all the know-how about fragrances, compositions, certificates, permits and other necessary documentation.I knew where to look for such experience and how to use it.Discover my luxurious eco-friendly products inspired by my international spa experience! 

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