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Soy Candle Amber and Incense (Sweet Amber)

Soy Candle Amber and Incense (Sweet Amber)

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NOVELTY! Amber and Incense Soy Candle (Sweet Amber)

Autumn limited edition!

The Amber and Incense soy candle is an absolute hit this fall! The top notes of this fragrance are amber and cinnamon, which give the candle a warm and cozy atmosphere. The heart note is clove and gingerbread, which add spicy and sweet accents to the fragrance. And the base notes are sweet, creating a harmonious and also sensual composition. The name of this unique candle is Amber and Incense, which perfectly reflects its character. This autumn limited edition soy candle will take you to the magical atmosphere of autumn, creating a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Don't let the opportunity pass you by, so order this candle now to experience this amazing limited edition scent too. Bring the magic of autumn to your interior and enjoy the unique aroma of the Amber and Incense candle from SPApower! In addition, After ordering, you will receive candle burning instructions in PDF to the e-mail address provided in the order, so be sure to read it! In addition, also discover ours other candle scents  and also follow our  INSTAGRAM.

Fragrance Notes: 
  • Top note: Amber – Cinnamon
  • Heart note: Carnation – Gingerbread
  • Base note: Sweet
Product information: 

Capacity : 180 ml

Burning time : approx. 55 hours

Polish production

100% soy wax candle, vegan wick made of unbleached cotton

Zero-waste packaging for reuse for household items

The lowest price from 30 days before this promotion: PLN 79

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